AspiRise hand holds in building a learning organization for you. Training at AspiRise is not a process, but an experience of insights and realizations. Participants are taken through a journey of self exploration into their personalities, helping them identify their behaviour patterns and making learning an interactive, engaging, and effective experience.

All our workshops are designed after understanding the needs and constraints of the participants by administering pre-training questionnaire and/ or conducting interviews with the participants. In addition, clarity is sought from Senior Management to map expectations and fill in any gaps existing. Also, post training evaluation measurements are applied for enhancing learning effectiveness.

Training methodology at AspiRise, involves using powerful activities with teambuilding games, quizzes, role plays and other interactive tools including personality inventories and questionnaires.

Trainers at AspiRise, bring along not just knowledge and experience, but also their expertise in managing subjects of ingenious acumen. We understand individual differences and their respective pace of assimilation; and accordingly, design our programs to match participants’ learning objectives.

Corporate Leadership & Law of Attraction Training

Most organizations today are facing challenges associated with job performance, decision making, conflict resolutions, success/ growth, employee dissatisfaction/ motivation etc. This is causing managers to undergo tremendous pressure to meet all their goals and objectives.

The Law of Attraction says: That which is like unto itself, is drawn. In other words, that which you give thought to is that which you begin to invite into your experience.

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Law of Attraction: Open Workshops

At AspiRise, we empower you to create your own realities by being responsible towards your vibrations, that reflect through your thoughts and feelings transmitted every time. Clearly then, holding positive thoughts, is of utmost importance.

We teach you, through simple practices, that when you are connected with the Source energy, manifestations of your desires, is an effortless and easy process.

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Business Coaching

The coaching initiative, at AspiRise is lead by a team of professionally trained coaches, who help employees through a thorough hand holding process, enabling them to increase awareness of the factors which determine performance and develop a sense of self responsibility and ownership of their own performance.

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Life Coaching

One on One Life Coaching is an absolutely confidential program intended to lead your life through transformation. It ranges from three months to a lifetime.

If you feel stuck in a loop of attracting repetitive and non-desirable events in your life; or have been witnessing situations that demand high energy from you; you may take a look at how AspiRise Life Coaching can turnaround your life. We recognize such intricacies that life entails, under the fold of its umbrella. Suitably, we hand hold you in dealing with all your challenges, whether personal or work related.

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Counseling & Behavior Therapy

A humane approach adopted in understanding behavior to counsel clients and offer therapy for anxiety, depression, distress in relationships, and the like. We help you heal with your disempowering thoughts, feelings, actions and emotions through suggested meditations, breath work and different healing modalities.

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Awakening Retreats

AspiRise paves way for your Awakening. We provide a space where you get to know who you are at the very core of your being. This workshop is specifically designed for those have the courage to let go off the illusion of their reality. The purpose of such a gathering is to get in touch with Who You Are.

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Add purpose to life

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Corporate Leadership & Law of Attraction Training

Our intricately designed Law of Attraction workshops train you in the teachings & application of the powerful law of attraction principles and practices, so that you feel confident to attract the growth and success you desire.

  • We help you apply the Law of attraction principles in various leadership areas, such as Customer satisfaction, Employee satisfaction, Profitability and Sales.
  • Using various LOA tools for leadership solutions, we help you grow in your managerial skills by enhancing your perspectives towards reviewing your challenging scenarios and help you arrive at creative possibilities for practical situations effortlessly.
  • On getting trained with us, you are assured of peak performance and competency growth to develop higher capabilities at work.

We create Leaders in you for enabling smooth transitions towards newer paradigms. Over a decade of training experience gives AspiRise the cutting edge in delivering content relevant to suit individual and organization’s needs and aspirations respectively.

Law of Attraction: Open Workshops

We train you on the ‘ART’ of manifestation, which requires you to follow three simple steps: ‘Ask, Receive and Thank’; such that you are at the peak of desire fulfillment.

Enroll in the ‘Life Transformation’ program to attract abundance in your life. Learn to practically apply the ‘Law of Attraction’ principles and manifest your dreams to create a reality of choice.

These workshops are open for general public; and entail creating a whole new perspective to life...a whole new shift in consciousness!!

Given below are some of the workshops that we offer:

  • Law of Attraction for Financial Abundance
  • LOA for Physical Wellbeing
  • LOA for Stress Management
  • LOA for Relationship Healing
  • LOA for Effective Parenting
  • LOA for Children and Adolescents
  • LOA for Housewives

Each of these workshops focus on helping participants deal with the challenges they face in their respective lives. By training them to use the LOA tools, they can successfully emerge victorious; feeling good and powerful about themselves.

Business Coaching

Some of the advantages your organisation would get by working with AspiRise are listed below:

  • Increased enthusiasm and commitment leading to improved productivity and sustainable performance.
  • Increased teamwork and mutual support with open communication and cooperation.
  • Engendered creativity, solutions oriented approach, ability to manage risks with a quirky presence of mind as well as clarity/ focus towards results.
  • Enhanced self motivation and an aspiration for learning and self regeneration.
  • Employee partnership in performance development.

Alongside, our Competency Mapping model provides an objective analysis of the combination of various strengths in different workers. Here, we examine two areas: emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ), and strengths of the individual in areas like team structure, leadership, and decision-making.

AspiRise also uses a combination of psychometric testing, correlated with one-on-one interviews to compliment test scores. These tests measure attributes like intelligence, aptitude and personality, so as to provide your organization with an insight into how your staff works with other people, how well they handle stress, and how equipped are they to cope with the increasing challenges of the job. In addition, it is also aimed at measuring employee integrity/ honesty and their predisposition to anger; such that management can take appropriate decisions pertaining to behavioral issues of key employees adding value to organization growth.

This information may also be used for evaluating employees on various performance impending factors, such as promotion, training, and movement across verticals, or capability assessment for leadership roles.

A detailed statistically analyzed report is presented along with qualitative description of employee personality, to provide your organization with an overall assessment of its employee strata.

Life Coaching

Our approach is that of empathy and understanding; and our endeavor is to equip you in learning your life lessons so that you successfully lead yourself to the highest possible outcomes in your journey.

  • We review your entire life and identify behavior patterns that do not serve you any longer. With utmost sensitivity, we help you release such patterns, so as to embrace newer ways of thinking and feeling.
  • In each of our programs, we devise a curriculum that enables the individual to learn about his/ her life journey. When you understand your script and the role you are playing in the scheme of all events around your life, you become more conscious of the outcomes you have been choosing for self.
  • Such an understanding takes you to a higher level of awareness; where, you choose to live a life of responsibility.
  • Our way to freedom is through the mind. Thoughts thought over many times become a strong part of our belief system. On understanding the conditioning process and its limitations, you begin to take charge of healing your beliefs.
  • Life Coaching helps you rise above your disempowering and limiting beliefs about self and other/s. We teach you powerful techniques of visualization, and as you learn to energize your image, you begin to make way for a new belief to birth into your life. It is the extent of belief you hold in a possibility, which manifests into your new reality.

AspiRise also works in the area of emotional healing; where we assist you in resolving issues around health, relationships, finance and the like. We appreciate and listen to all your concerns: pain, fear, guilt, anger, resentment, stress and all that which has been a major cause of worry to you; and help you do the release work on these emotions.

AspiRise facilitates your learning and willingness towards embracing higher spiritual experiences, through powerful lessons of Forgiveness, Compassion, Gratitude, Joy and Love.

Alongside, our therapeutic meditations, affirmations and contemporary healing techniques help you create immense possibilities for self-growth. Through breath work, we help you calm and relax your mind, into deeper alpha and theta states, where you can tap into your subconscious potential and access universal intelligence.

Counseling & Behavior Therapy

  • AspiRise has a team of trained counselors attending to clients and their issues surrounding life situations. Our approach to counseling is holistic in nature. With an absolutely nonjudgmental ideology, we assess every client problem in view of existing circumstances and strive to arrive at the highest good for all involved.
  • Getting counseled is an opportunity for stepping out of your own shoes and viewing things from an expert’s views; who partners with you closely in understanding your reality.
  • We move you up in your growth ladder by helping you understand the cause and effects of repetitive blocks and present ways that enable you to work on your current vibrations; that cause you to attract situations of matching frequencies.
  • We help you infuse dosages of esteem and confidence in your being, so you know your true potential and worth.

Counseling at AspiRise helps you reaffirm your belief in self and enables you to identify disempowering conversations of your mind for you to deal with it intelligently. Every problem, whether physical or psychological, is psychosomatic. We are of the belief that healing a mind is as imperative as healing a body. It is the extent of openness of the human mind that decides the pace of renewal of the physical form. With this conviction, we ascertain that nothing is impossible…

Much has been written and talked about the mind and body connection. Practically, you’ll witness it as your experience when you learn ways of healing your own ‘disorders’. As you become your own Healer, you begin to realize how your mind has been affecting your body with the thought energy that’s generated, but somehow blocked within the physical self.

We work in the area of releasing negative emotions; which eventually is the cause of various ailments in the physical bodies. We work with our clients in understanding the cause and core of these emotions, which mostly arise from fears that individuals grapple with. Once these emotions find a way out, individuals are able to think and feel intelligently. In a space of absolute authenticity, we help our clients think clearly for themselves and that helps them find a way through their healing.

AspiRise also works in the area of conscious breathing. Breath is healing; breath brings awareness; it connects us to the ‘Now’. At AspiRise, we teach you various techniques of breathing that helps individual connect to the essence of life within. Rigorous breathing practices release accumulated toxins from the cells of the body freeing them from age old patterns of worry and anxiety; thus creating more energy and vitality in the physical body.

Awakening Retreats

  • It will help you understand yourself beyond the boundaries of your own conditioning. The focus is to understand the journey towards joy through the various emotions that may seemingly act as obstacles.
  • You will witness being one with Source as you learn to embrace your shadow and light.
  • Through the power of forgiveness and gratitude, a path of least resistance is created and all completions are facilitated. We will hand hold you through such an intricate process of releasing you from your patterns and conditions.
  • Yoga, meditation, breath work, dance and a lot more will be practiced that will help you strip down your inhibitions about many concepts and lead you towards freedom and joy.

Awakening retreats are a way of taking you back home; you finally learn to integrate your mind, body and soul and operate as a whole being. You can access the vast power and intelligence that is at your service at all times. The purpose is to bring the spirit in the material and at Awakenings, you will witness just that.

As you get in touch with a whole new dimension of being, there is a certain joy, peace and even acceptance of who you are and where you are. It is at such a stage where the resistance drops and miracles begin.

To be able to witness the drama of life and yet participate to accomplish with joy whatever you have come to create, at your greatest potential, only to learn that this too shall pass….thats the game we will play together.

So come along and be a part of such retreats for your life transformation, where the takeaway is nothing, we promise you will go back empty and RENEWED!!