Finding Dory!

Knock Knock…whose there?

Its me, Dory!
Dory, who Dory? I don’t know any…Sorry!!

The knock is heard, but the echo falls on deaf ears. We are certainly exercising our freewill in deciding how much we wish to get pushed against the wall. May be its a test of our endurance or that of ego…don’t know! Claiming to be a victim is a game we usually play, but since we are blindfolded to the conscious choice we make in doing so, guilt and blame perpetuate to take the centre stage in the drama of our lives. Wonder where did we pick up such sticky patterns of self sabotage? There is enough and more evidence reinstating the benefits of opting a gluten free diet! Isn’t it?

Dory comes handy here. She is the butterfly that flutters to awaken us to our own inner beauty. As she winks mischievously, she is asking us to look into our hearts. Lets call upon Dory to introduce herself..Dory tells us who she is in the third person…

Dory, is the essence of being the Self. She is a zing to the creation that already exists, and her presence electrifies the Beingness at the core. Playful, curious and alert, Dory has her own fragrance thats not just majestic, but also powerfully sourced into pure consciousness.
Dory lives in the now, always in all ways. She is in touch with the powerful field of infinite intelligence thats available in abundance at all times. She doesn’t need to plan, for She isn’t trained to stay prepared to handle disasters. She knows that life provides through its benevolence. She isn’t a seeker, trying to stay informed ahead of times. She just IS…the Source!

Dory is freedom and joy. She cares and loves. She plays and laughs and dances to the rhythm of her sacred breath. Dory is the ever present and ever new awareness, that acts spontaneously in the moment. She creates by default for a purpose, that dissolves effortlessly after its served the creator’s illusion of a vision. Dory is as much a dream as She is real. Dory loves for no reason, She has no agenda and Her perceived weakness is Her biggest strength. She is Zero and a Hero at the same time. She is the beginning and the end, all in one. She is a nobody, yet everybody. She is emptiness, filled with power. She is multidimensional, the expanding awareness.

I call Her the ever present effervescence of Being ALIVE; however, presently, Her innocence is caged in the hearts of many, for the fear of letting go (ego) overrides the joy of letting Dory (freedom) in . Dory is that me and that you…TRAPPED!

Dory needs a way out, She wants to come home. She is lost, finding Her requires us to be resolute…
so the inner voice is able to quieten the inner noise….
and the silence within is loud and clear to the heart’s ear.

And then, what shall follow is this….

Knock Knock…whose there?
Its me, Dory!
Oh Dory, come on in!

I AM Dory and YOU are Dory, without a story or any glory…just as Dory and thats being Dory!

Naz Chougley

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