Next Station: Happiness!


 There is no next station ! Its all here, in the now. Whatever one wishes to experience can only be felt in this present moment. 

People are addicted to the habit of postponing everything, from actions to interactions. Either they are lazy or assume that they are comfortable; in both cases, joy is compromised! The scarcity consciousness of saving for gray days is the reason why people never see the sunshine in their hay days.  

Happiness is mostly postponed as a future event. Besides, people make happiness conditional, based on a certain outcome conceived in their minds. Pure manipulation for convenience so that the victim story perpetuates as ‘ roll/ camera/ action’! Some of this is done deliberately while some of it may be a consequence of habits trading for unconscious self pity games. 

Having worked with many people, I refuse to believe that people don’t have choices. Victimization is a big game and its a script in demand. Its a high paying attention seeking role that requires self sabotaging skills. Its time we take notice that our lack of acknowledgement of our blessings indicates taking life for granted and life is standing at the brink of such an abuse. Its the grace of the universe that breaths aren’t counted; else, as a race, we would have had another reason to fight for our rights #victimization, injustice! 

My apologies if I sound like the one who has chosen to leave her sensitivity coat off on the couch. But I truly wish to believe that we are empowered species and nothing can stop us from experiencing the fathomless bliss that’s inherent to us. Clearly then, our happiness is in our hands and unless we allow it to slip away, we will have all the power to hold on to that which truly belongs to us. I am certain that only few are oblivious to the fact that staleness is an act of the mind, not that of the heart!  

So here are just three simple practices that can be included in the complexity of our daily routines to uncover the simplicity of all that prevails.  

Present Moment Awareness : Deep down, every soul knows that life is only lived NowHere, else, one is No Where. The five sensory perceptions can only be functional in the freshness of a pure breath. Being in the present moment can open doorways to a lifetime of abundance. Anchored in breath, any being can cross oceans of seeming turbulence, totally unaffected in the stillness of pure presence.  

Gratitude : When we breathe in life, we are breathing in love. Look around to witness all that’s glittering like gold and knocking at the doors of your consciousness for your attention. Blessings and only blessings everywhere; all that’s required is the appetite to receive the gifts manifold. Gratitude is an acknowledgement of grace and surely, only humbles the soul ever more.  

Appreciation : An art all must be skilled at. Eyes that perceive beauty amidst the regularities of life are beholders of poetry in its singularity. The ability to appreciate can attract more of appreciation to follow and permanently house your being, the benefits of which are reaped as a constant flow of abundant joy. 

Every year, the festive season comes around to remind us of our true nature, which is Joy Joy Joy. Awakening is a process of remembering who we are. As the journey continues, our commitment to experience joy brings us face to face with the gifts life has always been offering. 

My sincere invitation to all is to stay present so you receive the love that has always been around, waiting in the vicinity of your heartspace. Count your blessings this season such that being grateful is natural and appreciation as well as awareness of breath can start your new love affair with countless present moments. 

We don’t need resolutions friends, we need revolutions, such that every heart sings a song and every eye spots a shooting star! As Santa Claus arrives this Christmas eve, lets keep the chimneys of love burning so Santa finds some light to dive deep into our hearts’ cores. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stay blessed and not stressed! I pray this season isn’t anymore about reasons for happiness, rather its a joyous celebration in appreciation of the ‘Isness’ in business. Love u Santa! 

Lastly, I’d like to ‘gently emphasize’ that happiness isn’t an acquisition manifesto, its a choice we will have to make every moment to ensure that life is granted its due and freedom to carry on its purpose, as per the magnificence its inherited from source. 

Please rate being happy over being crappy! Peace!!

-Naz Chougley


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