tis the season for LOVE…

We are born with the gift to love!

Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin; however, a lot of energy is misinvested in measuring that which cant be fathomed by the transcient nature of the mind. The world is but an illusion, however, love is real. It is said that we are made in the image and likeness of God; sadly, many leave this journey unfinished without really experiencing this truth. What is a human life for, if it cant feel the joy of being alive or cant celebrate the feeling of love? Love is the very essence of life. Consciousness is breathing through us and sometimes even aching to know itself.

Deep within, we all know that our hearts yearn to feel and recieve love. When we meet people, its indeed an opportunity to give and recieve this gift. Most dont even realise that the love they are thirsty for is right here to quench itself. Are we even willing to acknowledge that we have a need? We have become so apt in putting on a facade and pretending all is well that unless we hit rock bottom, we are not even aware that we have been sinking all this while.

Well this blog isnt about making us feel bad, rather it’s about rekindling the lost love in our hearts. Though all experiences cannot be categorised into lists; however, just like the 12 days of Christmas, I’m sharing 12 beautiful practices to stay open to recieivng and giving love:

  1. When we meet somebody, we can see him/ her beyond being a person and connect with him/ her as source. There is a little piece of God in all of us. Infact, Namaste means, ‘the highest in me bows before the highest in you’.
  2. Its a good practise to meet people from the context of Now. So much changes in all of us since the last time we had connected with each other. The most beautiful teaching of Vipassna is that we are constantly changing at the subatomic level and nothing remains permanent.
  3. Relating from memories can be painful and stressful. It takes effort to meet from the staleness of past, but takes no effort to connect from the freshness of the Now. Wouldnt it be nice if we have only first times in life; and to say that we are meeting someone for the first time NOW would add a whole new dimension to our experiences.
  4. Learning to give benefit of doubt is a good practise which helps us see that people operate from their conditioning and its only natural to do so. Nobody means harm; the deep rooted intention of every soul on this beautiful planet is ineed love.
  5. Looking into others’ eyes can be very comforting. I understand that most of us are not able to maintain eye contacts for long; the reason being that we are always resisting what we most need. Try looking atleast for 30 seconds to feel comfortable to begin with and soon, you’d realise that there is such beauty appealing in those eyes that its difficult to keep your eyes off theirs anymore.
  6. Mentally chant ‘May you be happy’; it is a practise that can establish deeper connections. Blessings are rare but can be found in plenty if we are willing to look for them; finally, its all about perspective.
  7. Greeting with a smile and eyes wide open to communicate the joy you feel about their presence can be so heart warming. It not only makes them feel so good about themselves, but also communicates the essence of your being. Use your facial expressions and your whole body to animate your love and joy.
  8. Touch is the language of love. Hugs make connections very strong and warm. Most of us are closed to being touched because of our conditioning, but its really sacred to be felt.
  9. Radiate pink light in your conversations from your heart to their hearts. It wil spread the energy of love in the space you share; and you’d witness the first hand magic of an ordinary conversation turning into an extraordinarily one.
  10. Listen from your heart, not from the head. We are quick to interpret, evaluate and even offer advise. None is looking for ‘judges’ to offer statements of right and wrong. People long for comfort and spaces where love can be honoured and nurtured. Silence plays the trick; offer breathful moments of silence where life can partcipate too.
  11. Feel gratitude in your heart for their presence and their time and contributions in your life. Gratitude makes us humble and a humble heart is the home for love to stay forever.
  12. Appreciate and compliment them; sometimes people may say we are dripping with overdoses of sugarpills, and thats ok. Our intention is to co create magical moments together through the portal of love. Life is a gift; when we share our love, there cant be anything more divinely delicious than that.

So here was a humble list of what can be practised to make our relations or moments of connections more meaningful and soulful. Besides, you can dance and sing and laugh and eat and drink and create ever more merry and glory. Yes…Love is in the air, all we need to do is be willing to tune into the frequency of this enormous power. LOVE is the philosopher’s stone that alchemises lead to gold!

As much as you are giving love, keep your heart open to recieivng as well, cause the energy thats being transmitted must also be open to recieve reciprocation. You are worthy of recieivng as much, so without doubting others’ intentions, allow yourself to feel blessed in the presence of love. Soak in this gracious moment of pure love as wellbeing abounds here.

Surrender to love, and rise above. Love is indeed in the air!

There is only love here,
Let there be love, let there be love
Far and near, like a whisper so clear,
Let there be love, let there be love….
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year….Joy to the world!!.

Naz Chougley

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