Worthiness on my Plate!

Worthiness on my plate!

 Am I worthy?                    Ofcourse Yes

Do I feel worthy?             Hmmmmm….!

An honest introspection will get some eyeballs rolling! All of us know that deep within, we don’t feel as great as we should be; else, we wouldn’t have experienced anxiety, fear, guilt, doubt, sadness, anger or jealousy. The obvious reason is that we feel a certain lack in our lives; and the underlying emotion beneath such a feeling uncovers ones’ issues with deservability.

Given a thought more seriously; the root of all problems, big or small, personal or interpersonal, centers on issues of unworthiness. Every relationship is a power game advocating individual righteousness and the one who has the stamina to fight, is proclaimed worthy of winning! As though worthiness is earned; and just can’t come free. The real issue is never addressed; and what continues to perpetuate is a war of worth! As a result of which, the game of proving ones’ worth not only gets draining but also bitter.

Our society encourages competition; however every feeling associated with competition leaves us with a subsequent feeling that we aren’t good enough! Infact, competition kills self worth. The corporate world is facing the repercussions of growing stress amongst most professionals. All feedbacks are actually only projections of others’ unfulfilled expectations from their own selves. Sadly, most of us depend on others’ perceptions of what they think of us for determining our self worth. Parents and teachers are skilled at doing this to children. More serious questions to ask is what kind of a legacy are we leaving behind for our kids. Every time a child is compared to another, a slice of his spirit dies to the whims of conditioning. As though, we are offering our generations an inheritance of worthlessness!
In addition, concepts like sin and sacrifice campaign against worthiness and our conditioning has institutionalized rationing through beliefs like ‘no pain, no gain’ etc. Sadly, the society and religious organizations have succeeded to seduce us with their power. However, this kind of a scarcity mentality isn’t going to take us far. The Law of Attraction (LoA), on the contrary, asserts that there is enough and more for everyone; and every being on this planet can have the world to the self.

The price we pay:
As per LoA, the universe is responding to our vibrations and giving us more of what we are emitting as feelings and emotions. These feelings communicate directly with the universe through the frequency barometer installed in all of us. The doubts that we have about our own abundance are nothing but signs sent out to the universe that indicate we aren’t worthy of what we desire. Given below is a synopsis of what is measured by the universe through our feelings:

Vibration: Doubt
Communication: I am not worthy of assurance

Vibration: Fear
Communication: I am not worthy of feeling secure
Vibration: Hesitation to speak
Communication: I am not worthy of being understood
Vibration: Resistance to let go
Communication: I am not worthy of receiving more
Vibration: Worry for health
Communication: I am not worthy of wellbeing

There is an underlying message in every ‘negative’ emotion we feel (about ourselves) and the positive opposite is resisted equally. Well, you can call it being ‘misunderstood or misjudged’ by the universe, but this entity is too good at reading between the lines! The universe is apt at understanding both explicit and implicit messages and we can’t fool this intelligent and wise being with our lame justification. Our vibrations speak out truth and our bodies don’t lie.

Wouldn’t it be nice then, if we just ‘check in’ (within) to understand what are we in the process of manifesting through our words, thoughts and feelings. More importantly, it would be a greater idea to really check into who we think we are and how we feel about being who we are. That seems to be the real issue. In my understanding, the whole concept of Self is misunderstood by us. Hence, the question ‘Who Am I?‘ is so central to our existence. In one of my programs, I got the participants to repeat several times, ‘I Am Source Energy and I Am Worthy!’ Anything less than that is an understatement and a disguise!
Well, to sum up, I just want to ascertain one thing that who we are is a reflection of the GodSelf and that makes us worthy of the universe. As per the Holy Bible, we are made in the image and likeness of God. Let’s then begin treating ourselves with as much dignity and honour. We are empowered beings from deep within the very fiber of our beings. Our neediness is not our identity, our Worthiness is!

When the Self Worth is high, no one lives in scarcity. One believes in sharing and competition is substituted with cooperation. We are more authentic and also respect others’ spaces. Besides being proactive, we also are more solutions driven. In addition, we are spontaneous and creative as a lot of our energy is available for expansion and growth. A world free from fear can only grow more in love!

In a land that is alien to its own power, my appeal is to awaken to the joy, love and treasure hidden within because it’s time we claim that which has always been here….Our Self Worth! Insha’Allah, we will soon see the dawn of the new species, the Awakened Heir sitting at the throne of His (own) Worthy Majesty with the self worth puzzle poodled since long before…and Eyes beaming with the ever new joy of recognizing the Self as the Source of All That Is!!

Naz Chougley

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