Enjoy your Demonetised Abundance!

Demonetised Abundance
Demonetised Abundance

May there be Light….lets talk about your relationship with money in current times!

My coach once told me that Abundance is a function of grace, not hard work. These words were new to me then, but they did ring a bell in my heart. Little did I know that I would be blogging on this subject a couple of years later.

In the recent events of demonetization of money, many have realized that the value they associate with money is purely notional. Nothing is here to stay and life can be unpredictably mean to get the cushioning of the carpet pulled from beneath their feet. You could be literally caught unaware with regards to the subject that matters most to you. However, the way you may have handled not just the situation but also your own emotional responses stands testimony to the strength of your relation with ‘your’ money.

Money is energy in motion. Its a tool granted for circulation, its ingrained in the very principle of ‘being money’. If its hoarded, that goes against the principles of its thriving and nature will ensure, that to bring about a balance, it will use humans as its instruments. We may save, but beneath that action is a deep rooted belief in scarcity. How can one desire abundance from lack. Its fundamentally against the laws of the universe

What then must be done in such a situation or rather how must I handle my feelings towards money when my pockets are striving to hold on to the few last hundreds it proclaims to preserve. Preservation is a conditioned response and has its roots in something not being enough. In such situations, even time seems to prolong and very soon, the growing frustration would get the better of the little sanity that we are trying to maintain. 

This explains that either we are very vulnerable or we lack the trust in our own abundance. Whatever may be the case, neither is a sign of a good relationship with money. What then means having a harmonious relation with money? To my understanding, money is representative of source, and the extent to which you don’t feel supported by source energy is the extent of damage control measures you may have to take at a later date. The principles have to be understood very well. Money needs acknowledgement, not ignorance. Money has a consciousness and it serves to be an extension of who you are. Your relationship with money is a also a reflection of your relation with your self. 

When was the last time you have acknowledged or appreciated yourself for being who you are? In my experience of coaching people, there is so much resistance they face towards appreciating themselves. It is presumed that this responsibility lies on others. Modesty is the new demon!

Money has connotations of shame, guilt and jealousy associated to it. None of this is true, nor is it required. Money needs appreciation, not abuse. There exists a certain population who consider money as sin and that money is often the cause of separation in relations or businesses. As a coach, I would like to bring to light that money is innocent and its their emotions and their pattern of shifting blame for experiencing untoward things that makes money their villain. However, they need to be reminded that their judgements make them victims too; (not) surprisingly these roles are certainly played to perfection. 

The million dollar question here is then what’s the conflict about. Either continue being victims and enjoy the experience of what you are attracting or change your orbit. Human beings are lazy and resist doing the real work. Transformation may not happen over night, however, its not a rocket science. It requires commitment to change perspective and grow in consciousness. If we do not change gears in time, someone will jam us, because it is in the collective interest of the society that we move forward. 

Hence, my take on this situation is to remain focused on what is expected of you as consciousness. What is the emotional energy felt towards money is indicative of your personal relation with all the money which now stands discarded. 

Money needs to be nurtured with appreciation, not taken for granted. Money is due for its respect from you. Money must be allowed to circulate by you. Money cannot be mine or yours, its as free as you too want to be, because money gives us our freedom to be. So give yourself the permission to let it go with grace and ease; because that’s the only way you can allow it back again. A feeling of gratitude when you part with it must suffuse your consciousness. ‘Money is beautiful, it serves me and I am grateful to my abundance’….let this be your new mantra! 

Abundance is a truth; its unshakeable. The tides will change but the ocean never ceases to exist. As few last words of support, I would urge you to wake up so you realize that you have work to do within yourself, and that is about feeling secured in your own being. That’s your contribution to your growing economy and your service to your being. Abundance is your birthright and your breath is the biggest indicator of that. Stay anchored, feel supported and be grateful to monies….irrespective of the amount you have or not have. Its the vibration of love that will help you feel joyous about whatever you have!

Achche din acche ‘deen’ se hote hai! – Naz Chougley


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