Taste of Peace!


There are some of us who pray for God to bestow His mercy by honoring us with His darshan (physical manifestation in form). The experience of God is most sought after by the religious mind. Over a period of time, the human mind has invested itself in the thinking faculty which makes it more logical. The right brain which is intuitive and grounded in the feeling aspect has been on a vacation since long.

In a satsang I attended recently, the great Gurus and teachers clearly stated that God rests as a feeling in the heart. If one experiences peace, love, or joy even for sometime while in meditation and prayer, one has come in contact with God. For those of us who dont meditate (not to worry), we experience His presence through our loving acts of kindness. Even a smile is symbolic of His grace.

Its a very beautiful feeling to be peaceful and it happens when the mind has chosen to be kind to itself. All of us have had this taste of peace. It is who we naturally are and this state also can come naturally to us if we allow.

The routine responsibilities and concerns sometimes take front seat and the preoccupation of the thinking mind doesnt permit us to relish our favourite flavors of wellbeing. I have seen many people who are constantly on the lookout for noticing whats not going well in a given situation. Its as if their antenneas are always tuned into recieving unpleasant broadcasts. Its rather a sorry state to have so many living their lives at the torment of their ‘blood sucking’ habits. So stubborn are they about being righteous of their criticality, that they are masters at manifesting the worst that can happen. Sometimes i wonder who is responsible for this? How can we help them see the shadows they are creating by standing in their own light. Humanity needs a messiah to be awakened in every heart, else we are on the brink of devastating our paradise.

Here are a few suggestions for the seekers of peace, who are either trying too hard or are genuinely willing to find it.

  1. Let go the desire to know everything. Allow yourself to be open to recieve whatever is here. You can be easy on your controls.
  2. Trust more. Whatever has to be known to you will be revealed in time.
  3. Being rooted in fear is not something to be so proud of. Stop pretending to be strong and acknowledge that you are tender at heart. Its ok to be vulnerable.
  4. Breathe more and get conscious of what you are feeling. Be honest and authentic to your self. Ask for help more often.
  5. Watch the thoughts; you dont need to trust every thought. Make friends with the mind and be an observer of your ways.
  6. Its ok to make mistakes and its beautiful to say ‘Sorry’!
  7. Appreciate more. Be open to give and recieve compliments and express gratitude. Ten ‘Thankyous’ a day keeps many problems at bay.
  8. Maintain a log of emotions. Anger and fear need safe outlets. Its a good practise to write down how you feel, release them and then tear off those sheets.
  9. Atleast 15 minutes of simple meditation of watching the breath going in and out is good enough. Its not about controlling thoughts, its about allowing them to arise and leave you while you stay as a witness.
  10. Live in this moment only. You breathe now, you are alive now. Both past and future are only images created by the mind. They really dont exist here.
  11. Forgive, forgive and forgive; as much as you can, as often as you can.
  12. Be kind to yourself. Say loving things to self and wet your eyes, let the tears flow…lighten up your soul.

I am aware that it will get difficult for some to resonate with most of what has been written. But I am also certain that their hearts know how important it is for them to slow down and reassess their ways.

I pray that the taste of peace becomes the calling of the yearning soul and the mind finally surrenders to the mystery of the universe. May all beings be peaceful. Amen!

Naz Chougley

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