The Joy In Surrenderance!


For many years now, surrenderance has been my favourite word. It all started when I was so deep in the pit of my emotional drama that I wanted some respite from creating further karma for myself. I would read Shri Aurobindo and Divine Mother during those days and I came across the word, ‘Surrender’! Instantly, I clinged to it and kept repeating in my mind incessantly, ‘Master, I surrender everything at Your feet’; not knowing that in the following days my prayers would result in my loosing of friends, money, wallet and other possessions….I was so empty of everything that my ego couldnt thrive on any of its stories for survival. I had to surrender evermore for deeper understanding of what was going on!

I can now tell with great love in my heart that I was guided to let go everything that was not serving me any longer.

Over the years, many people ask me what does it mean to stay in surrenderance. There is really no way one can define what its true meaning and value is. People also get confused if being in surrenderance could lead them towards inaction. The logical mind would never stop questioning! Well, here is an attempt to ease the mind and relax it in the warmth of the heart’s joy in total ‘surrenderance’…

Simply, to surrender is to trust…trust the universal intelligence for its ability to do its work in perfection. Surrenderance is a humble act of the soul. Our souls know exactly how to surrender; indeed the soul is waiting for this ace of cards to be revealed to win over the mind’s tactics of manipulating the being. When one learns to surrender, its pack up time for the mind….game over !

Surrender and faith are two sides of the same coin. One cant surrender if one doesnt have faith.  In the words of Ruzbeh Barucha from the book ‘Fakir’, the form of faith in surrender ‘is as finely chiseled as a grass of straw and as strong as the roots of a banyan tree.’

However, if the concept of surrender has to appeal to the logical mind or to an athiest, he/ she needs to just acquaint with the laws of the universe. None can refute that this world functions on intelligence; the field of quantum physics supports this understanding scientifically.

Infact, the act of surrender is actually about abiding by the laws of nature in the most practical and logical way. We’d find it difficult to not surrender when we are in sync with this basic premise. Soon, one would realise that its as natural to surrender as it is to breathe.

So lets get it straight..Surrender is no rocket science, it is the most obvious ‘step’ in the process of life causing creation through manifestation. 

However, what makes it difficult to surrender is the false idea of a seperate self (from the universe). When our sense of control is high and that results in our believing that we are solely ‘responsible’ for all our actions and deeds, it creates a room for fear and anxiety to breed in our beings. It also cultivates a very strong sense of doership that burdens the hell out of us. As a result, we experience stress and also wear out in situations, where we feel we are loosing the grip on what is happening. Its our inability to partner and/or delegate to something larger in us that places us in such a tight spot.

So lets make it simpler such that It helps the intellect to easily slip into the mesmerising effect of this effortless ‘spiritual’ practise. The universe is not seperate from us; infact what constitutes the universe is what constitutes us. We are made of the same life particle that makes up the entire universe; hence the idea of seperation isnt true. This leads us to a greater understanding that when we ask the universe/ God to handle a certain situation through our act of surrenderance, we are appealing only to an extension of ourselves. This larger part of us denotes a higher wisdom simply because it holds a bird’s eye view and a perspective not perceivable to us.

This simple act of surrenderance opens our hearts to recieve help from the universe thats bombarding with intelligence, knowledge and awareness. Isnt it foolish and stupid then, to not avail of the luxury we are offered. Being surrendered is the simplest way to attract the abundance we all want.

And here is to the trusting heart…

To Surrender is your soul’s yearning and birth right; do not let the mind torment you into trading your peace for pain. The soul is the abode for love and joy, its the home that allows effortless ease to manifest in your life by awakening the God power through grace in your life. The soul knows how to do what it needs to do. Surrenderance is not a process, its a lazer sharp power tool and the word declared once, knows how to get the wheel of grace spinning. Only the mind needs answers, drop the question and also the doubt that you need to be taught to surrender. You already know it, just that you do not know you know! Whille the interesting thing is that maybe the creator deliberately kept it unknown to the mind so that the ego finally gets tired chasing its own projections.

To all my friends…

Surrenderance is the soul’s plea to love

Its a gift from the divine above…

Its a sword of the peaceful heart for winning over the mind

To surrender is to let go worries, concerns and doubts of all kind

Surrendering is Joy, a breakfree from the seperate ego ‘I’

Its a state of no mind that allows magic to unfold naturally

Truely, surrenderance symbolises abundance phenominally..

You surrender your pain only to trade for freedom in the bargain..

What a joy to live without attachment, thats how it was always supposedly meant….

In surrenderance, all of life seems an illuion,

…and finally we learn to create through intention…

To believe, to trust and have faith..

Is all We require to be ready for a divine date..

May We be relieved from the concepts of all doership,

And take charge of our true postions as the Captain of a mighty ship..

May controlling the oars be no more our way,

For ‘I AM’…..IS surrendered and assured of being happy.

Naz Chougley

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