Blessings 2017!!!


A couple of years ago…at the farewell of a spiritual retreat, my teacher remarked that I create a lot of drama around goodbyes. Whoosh!! It struck me then that we are conditioned to hold on and ‘constipate’ through our experiences.

The truth is that ‘Goodbyes’ are about gracefully letting go what we are most attached to, both in pain and pleasure. Its nature’s way of maintaining balance in our energy systems. Indeed, letting go can be smooth and not necessarily painful. Its the breathing out of CO2 thats gonna ensure that we breathe in O2.

Its observed that either we are harsh on ourself or on others; as a result, both guilt and blame are reluctant energies asking us to stay stuck in the game of righteousness. Feeling lazy is yet another mind game compelling us to stagnate in the dullness of old patterns. Fear, sadness, anger, anxiety and doubt are also petty companions to keep. Besides, saving memories to savour for the future is another trick of the tired soul. These are just a few sabotage ways of how we go against the flow of life.

So, here is a message of allowing life to take you forward in its course with all faith and joy. Let go resistance and lack of trust; let go off control and the urge to overplan for need of feeling secured. Loosen up and merge with the consciousness awaiting to embrace you in its fold, with the newness it has to offer in the moments to come.

As 2017 is all set to leave the stage, lets graciously allow the evening sun to set all the memories of the past that dont serve us any longer. The orange clouds can take all the meloncholy away and offer it to the universe to transmute it into joy and abundance. The unknown isnt about fear always; it can be about excitement and looking forward with enthusiasm and wonder for whats next. Surrender to the moment and get empty to recieve whatever it is life has to offer. The universe is abundant and It can bless us with nothing less than the best, provided we believe in our personal fortunes and the kindness universe has at its very source.

My humble invitation is to stay empty of all past, including the ‘good memories’ of all events and people. In the words of Ekhart Tolle, ‘ live the moment as though you are dying to it’…..the message is really about breathing in fresh. As we let go everything, what we are filled with is just a space and openness, where gratitude and appreciation can support us for the rest of our lives. The sacredness of the breath we take in, has silence speaking to us in ways we havent listened to before. As we open our hearts to this moment and to life now-here, only love will be found my friend!

A prayer for all of us…lets breathe in the essence of it together….
Gratitude 2017 for all the blessings you have showered on all of us. The learnings are phenominal and the joy unfathomable. The people we met and the friends we create are all part of this beautiful journey.
And now I am here, at the juncture of letting in 2018, where I offer all of this at the feet of Mother Divine. I declare that all my stories are here to pass as I let go everything in this flow. With an intention to allow the Universe to work its magic on me, I move out of my own way…I TRUST…And So It Is…Amen!

Welcome 2018…


Naz Chougley 

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